Top methods to make money online with your TWITTER account

This short post caught my attention and therefore considered it important to share my little knowledge. Remember, the methods to be described will work differently for different people.

Many people still wonder if it is possible to make money with their twitter account. You may have known certain ways; a curious reminder will reinforce your knowledge, confirm the originality of a process and give you the energy to keep going.

The first thing is for you to get your following created with some good numbers. Then what do you do next? How do you convert your chatting friends on Twitter to customers or how do you make that money from your account?

Now lets begin:

Top methods to make money online with your TWITTER account


One of the good uses of your TWITTER account is sourcing funds for your charity organization, personal business, research study and other personal or communal activities.

Many people around the world still donate to causes that help other people grow in their quest to making this world a better place for us all.

Crowdsourcing, crowd funding or crowd financing as you may want, is one of the easiest ways of making money online not for your gain alone but for achieving your dreams of humanitarian activities.

Don’t underestimate the will of your followers and their readiness to help your course.

Sell products

The number of people using the internet world over is ever increasing, and so is the number twitting and responding to people’s tweets.

Study have shown that people usually choose their leisure time to attend to their Twitter account and at this period they pay more attention.

This means you can sell your product. The kind of product you sell is what matters and the process of payment speaks volumes about your success in this method.

If you sell digital products for example, you stand a good chance as only one click gets the product on your customer’s phone, home or office. Products with links that open in another tab will somehow do you a good favor.

Sell services

Selling services on Twitter is not a bad idea if you consider how people are now making money online using platforms like Fiverr where services of all kinds are monetized with increasing interest.

To make the money you desire, the kind of service you render is very important. Logo design, web design, domain sales, hotel booking or airline booking are booming services that you can learn and market in the right way.

Avoid services that needs the customer to have contact with you or have to do a lot of follow up before that deal is struck.

You can also sell other peoples’ services where you earn commissions for leads, sales and recurring commissions for sales.

Spread other people adverts

More than ever, companies are now contacting highly followed individuals on Twitter for contracts on using their huge fame to sell their products to their followers. You can imagine tweeting to 1 million followers!!!

Advertising niche is a popular niche and many companies especially new one are open to fast publicity. Companies now eager to pay for advertising now that never before, so don’t be left behind with the thinking that you may not make money from such activity.

Banner advertising, text adverts and other kinds of embedded or encrypted adverts are available online for your to promote and earn good money.

Dishing out highly engaging your graphical ads with some video will boost your readers interest and you may earn a click, a lead or outright sales.

Some companies allow their publishers (you) redesign their banner or customize their campaign so that customers may have different feelings that drive their buying.


This is a growing wave on the internet and its really taking Twitter to another level. Companies, organizations, government agencies and politicians now engage in competitions via Twitter.

Subscribers to the competition or virtual expedition win tangible prizes and sometimes cash into their bank accounts.

This same subscribers will now turn customers after the expiration of the competition and therefore start making money for the organizers.

In another manner, companies may hire people with huge followers, ask them to set up a customized challenge, play audition etc and attach tangible and real prizes to the competition.

Here the account owner make money, subscribers make some money and the company on the long run make a lot of money since the followers and new subscribers will turn to customers for the company.

It is a win-win situation but if you don’t position yourself well enough or you are lazy with your Twitter account, you may not make the cut.

The way they do it


Affiliate marketing

Twitter is fast becoming the den of affiliate marketers because affiliate platforms now have many eye catching adverts and highly engaging contents.

With all of these new features in affiliate markets, more leads and sales are now coming through Twitter users.

Therefore, if you do your affiliate marketing correctly capturing all the leads through engaging adverts and calculated posts, you will make good sales.

Once more, it is important to understand that people pay utmost attention during their free period. This is why you must align your tweets to a worldwide timing so that the number of people your tweet will reach in their free period will be high.


If you think you can make it, you must think of doing the right thing, perhaps the good you desire might just come to you.


Thank you for reading and please leave a comment if this post makes sense to you.


Apologies if this post is boring or sucks!!!!!



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