Top Hot and Profitable Micro Niche Blog Topics in Nigeria 2017

As the year 2016 just got passed and we enter into a new Gregorian year with several resolutions, it very important to discuss the above topic. Although people may wonder, why discuss this clear topic at this time of increasing internet penetration in Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa?

Well, what we know is that opportunities will always open in any crowded situation. Imagine in 2016 there are more sellers of fruits, vegetables and other food materials now than any other time in the history of Nigerians and all of them receive patronage daily.

In this same year ending soon, some young Nigerians just wake up one day and start selling grinded pepper, some created website and process orders online while others prefer the traditional method.

This shows that life will always throw out opportunities for those tough enough to grab it with their strongest teeth and change the world around them.

After laying the foundation for this post, we like to welcome you to the above topic, so keep reading and we hope you will enjoy your time.

In this post, we shall take you through new micro niche blog topics that can increase your income this year and many more years to come. You see, if you are planning of doubling your income or raise your income figures in 2017 and beyond, you have to think of topics that will make you good money now and in the long term.

Many new bloggers or intending bloggers may have the illusion that starting a blog that will make quick money is the best without looking at the future of the blog. Therefore, this post has put into consideration the immediate money involved in the niches and their long term benefits.

Be guided that this discussion will mention Nigeria more than other places; we don’t intend to ignore other readers, we just know more about Nigerian market and internet space so, don’t be pissed off in the course of reading this article.

We understand that Niche blog topics that rocks or are popular in the western societies (US, UK, Canada, Australia etc) may not work well in terms of readership in Nigeria.

Many people here in Nigeria are skeptical about making money online through ownership of blogs or websites and they do have their fears and doubts.

One of the main problems with such people is the kind of topic to blog about since one of the reasons for putting up the blog is to eventually make money from it.

Therefore, the question people often ask is; what topics are people looking for within Nigeria? The answer to this question needs a lot of research and wisdom so that efforts put into the blog can be turned into visibility and then cash in the end.

No matter how you may think, you will realize that several information that people are looking for in Nigeria has a website and the most unbelievable is for someone to see that the most lucrative topics have websites on them already.

Then what will a new blogger or an intending blogger like you have to write about? When this question arises in your mind just remember the introduction to this article. There will always be a way where there seems to be none.

Due to presence of many blogs and websites out there, choosing a niche blog with high patronage and followership can be very difficult for beginners like you. One of the reasons is the possibility of choosing a non-profitable blog niche or choosing a blog niche based only on what you know.

If you choose a niche blog or website based on what you know only or your passion, be rest assured that there are many people that knows same thing even more the you. In that case, what must form the reasons for you choosing a blog or website niche should be more about getting patronage and possible growth of the site over a long period.

In case you don’t know or you have forgotten, lets remind you of the characteristics of a profitable blog or website.

What Makes a Blogging Niche Profitable

A profitable blog must satisfy certain conditions before you to begin to set it up. Depending on your long term intention, the conditions may be three or more.

Search volume

A profitable blog niche must have the ability to derive high volumes of search from readers. It means that the niche must have a lot of people looking for information on the subject of the blog.

There is no point having a blog to be read by you and your families alone. Therefore, before you start, it must be clear to you that people are looking for the information you want to provide.

Nowadays, there are affiliate websites for promoting other peoples product and get commission from people that buy through your link. You can pick your niche blog using a range of products you intended to sell or become affiliate for and you must be careful not to make exaggerated claims about the product.

One way to identify a high volume search or traffic, is by searching some of the keywords on the niche using Google Adwords and then look for the search volume on daily basis.

A keyword search result that shows more than 100,000 visitors is a good keyword if the competition is not more than 0.3 and the pay per click (PPC) is high.

The direct implication of doing a little of this research is that, you would have identified the class of your readers who will eventually become faithful readers as well as potential buyers of your promoted products or services.

It is important to conduct the keyword search based on geographical region so that you can identify where your traffic would like come from and this will help you in developing your content.

Remember, for you to succeed with your blog or information website, you must be able to attract unlimited traffic on a daily basis so that you can earn a decent money for your effort.

 Competition within the niche

It is always easy to host a blog or website but getting seen by people out there can be a challenge. One of the reasons why a good blog may not get seen much is because of presence of other related blogs. This can get nasty when many of the existing blogs have a lot of traffic and popularity.

Many people don’t like competition but the fact is that competition is good when the volume of traffic in the niche goes into millions. If the number of searches is less than that, then never enter a niche with extreme competition.

If your goal is making money online, in a huge way, then you must develop blog on niches that are less competitive and have high paying PPC so that when you monetize your site, you can reap a lot of money doing it.

Therefore, in one word, it does not make any sense if you are writing on a niche that has a lot of competition and the PPC is so low. If you really want to be successful like others, you must do your homework to identify high paying niches with manageable competition.

You can determine the competition from the global search using Google Adwords and other softwares used for searching keywords. The more the search volume, the higher is the competition; even some software will display the competition level for you as you conduct keyword search.

People say “Write on a niche you love or understand”

There is a difference between forcing someone to do something or asking the person to do something out of his own will. Often, when people were allowed to work on their area of interest there could be better dedication and interest.

The main reason why you might choose your based on your interest or talent is to allow you focus, prepared for questions and develop your contents within a short period. Another reason could be less tendency to crave for money is a short time through the blog.

If we view it from another angle, you can actually write or develop  a blog site on topics you don’t know anything about if there is more money and higher views. This means there is a high potential of making a lot of money from the blog.

One thing you the reader must bear in mind is that “all things a learnable” you can just learn anything in this world. All that is needed is the focus to achieve your target.

In the world of today, it is very easy to learn a new knowledge in a short time via the internet and master the knowledge with a short time.

Therefore, getting down to work on the niche with most money prospect is the key to selecting your niche not just about what you love and have passion about; although, having a background knowledge about what you want to blog about is very beneficial sometimes.

Just to remind you in case we omitted that a niche blog or website is the one that focuses on a specific topic that may come under a broader title. For example, writing about steroids about its importance in sport or a vegetable for weight loss.

Now that you have the full information about what makes a niche blog, it is important for you to have more details about issues surrounding niche blogging and why should you engage in this online opportunity in 2017.

Who is a Niche Blogger and why a Niche blog?

A blogger is simply a freelance writer and online publisher of information concerning certain important aspects of human life. A niche blogger on the other hand is a blogger that specializes in publishing information on a narrow topic with huge benefits to the reader.

A successful blogger on a topic must have mastered and dominate the niche in which he or she writes over a period. This is what you will become if you persist in blogging and spreading information about what you know or what you have just begin to know.

Why do you have to start a Niche Blog in 2017?

As previously explained, a niche blog is the one that focuses on a narrow but important topic. Thus, if you wish to make legitimate money online anywhere, you must as a matter of importance have a niche blog.

With the depth of internet in the current millennium, many old niches have been dominated and the domination is on the increase. Therefore, choosing a narrow path could offer you more readership, in-depth knowledge and high traffic that bring money passively.

The most important advantage of niche blogging is the fact that people will start knowing your blog for the topic and from there you can become popular and get even more opportunities that you least expected.

It will not do you good to think that only entertainments blog can make you popular or make money for you. Instead, try to focus on a niche that is hot like this one where we share information about making money online.

Congratulations that you stayed thus far on this post.

Below is the list of some hot niche blog opportunities that you can start right now or begin to study about with the mind of starting them out soon.


Here are the hot but often overlooked niche blog topics that can double your income within 12 months if you start blogging about it today.


Cheap flight tickets purchase and booking (this niche boasted of over 100k searches every month in Nigeria)

Cheap hotels booking (over 200k searched in Nigeria)

Application of Herbal Remedies (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)

Scar and stretch mark remover (over 25k searched every month in Nigeria)

Correct Table Manners (over 30k searched every month in Nigeria)

Shea Butter (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)

Scientific Calculator (over 15k searches every month in Nigeria)

Moringa Benefits (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)

Latest phones (over 40k searches every month in Nigeria)

Cheap Laptops (over 50k searches every month in Nigeria)

Kids security tips (over 20k searches every month

Event Planning (over 20k searches every month in Nigeria)

All these niche blog topics are still untapped with fairly low competition. I did niche research and gave the estimated search volumes every month.


Kindly be informed that the list published above will be constantly updated so that you can discover more micro niche website topics. At this point, don’t waste time note down this blog and spread the news.

As a disclaimer, we would like you to proceed on your own findings on the listed hot topics so that you can pick anyone to suits your long term plans.

Getting started with niche blogging…

(1) Choose and own your domain name: domain name is the title of your blog e.g Therefore, it is compulsory for you to have a domain name. in your domain name try to include the name of what you are blogging about. This is called keyword and including it in your title is beneficial for quick visibility.

(2) Host your domain name on the server:  the next thing for you after buying your domain name is hosting the domain name on a server. There are companies that do this and they are available right here in Nigeria and abroad. We advise you to choose cheap hosting package since you are still relatively new in the business. You can signup with iPage Web Hosting only $2.25/month!! with FREE Domain name or with a free domain name.

(3) Build your blog or website: to get started you will have to install WordPress, Drupal or Wix but we do recommend WordPress since it is easy to use and highly compatible with many servers. Next is customizing the WordPress theme that you have installed. There you go to start posting and start making money online.

(4) Optimize your website: after successful launch of your website or blog, you will have to promote it to friends, associates and others. This is very important to improve the ranking of your site on Google and other search engines.


Kindly feel free to share this post with your friends but do not leave out our website link.


Thank you and God bless

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