Top 5 untapped blog niches in Nigeria

Blogging is fast becoming the new escape method from financial wilderness and financial problems in Nigeria and beyond.

To succeed, experts say you must carve a niche for yourself or niches in case you have multiple creative mindsets.

Creativity is the bedrock of development; if there is no following of creativity, Japan will never be known.

Here we have come out to present to you 5 blog niches that are unusual and yet untapped fully.

Top 5 untapped blog niches in Nigeria

Food recipe and review blog

If you have endless compliments, each time you cook or you are passionate about talking and making food recipes; it will be good to follow your passion by starting a blog about cooking.

You will make a good fortune from selling recipe and actually helping spoiled housewives in getting out of trouble.

Cooking blog is a rescue mission in this case and you must cash in on it since many people are now losing their skills.

One method that may work is you asking your readers about you making their favourite meals.

This way you will have to combine other skills like photography, video making and event designing.

So, you may send food recipe in form of pictures and post on your blog. You can always serch the internet and some more cool ideas especially in Europe and United States.


Photography is now a science and many people around the world a making serois money and fortunes from it.

I do have a friend that has grown so well in this niche now and he is not complaining any longer.

He sells photo of inanimate objects and very nice landscapes online and to companies.

In this blog niche you can get very creative and brak boundries if you put you mind to it.

You can sell your pictures on many platforms for free and they pay you in dollars.

Shopify, Foap, iStock, Clashop, Alamy, Snapwire, Shutterstock are examples of good places where you can sell your professional and amateur pictures.

Pictures of inanimate objects sell well so, there is nothing stopping you.

You will however have to be skilled in photo editing

Own a professional camera or a good phone camera

Be able to travel

Love good things

Ready to learn new skills

Cartoon drawing

Cartoon making has been revolutionized with the advent of automated sketching and the use of softwares. It is now possible to do cartooning without having skills in drawing.

In the Nigerian and African context at large, cartooning is booming and the niche is untapped fully at the moment.

You can hardly find a Nigerian based or originated cartoonized video on the for example.

This kind of videos are popular in developed economies and if you key into it, you will rank well and get lots of traffic.

What is now your job?

Your job is to set up a blog or website where you will roll out inforlation on how to make cortoons.

You can develop ebooks on cartooning, you can make how to videos or you can set up online seminar for a fee.


There are different avenues for you to monetize your blog content. Read more about different ways of monetizing your blog here

Top 5 untapped blog niches in Nigeria

Natural make up blogging

In this time of chemical make up, you may stand a chance of making good fortune from your blog if you focus on natural make ups.

I have asked many ladies who I teach in class about their knowledge about natural make up.

Their responses shoed that they want make ups with ingredients that will not cause cancer, hypertension, blood clotting, diabetes and other terminal illnesses that comes with chemical cosmetics.

There are still many ladies of nowadays that doesn’t know much about natural cosmetics that are manufactured in Nigeria.

You will them a favour by spreading information about locally available and healthy cosmetics that are made from plants and animal byproducts.

Natural medicine

This niche is not a new one but it is becoming popular in recent times. You will enjoy good patronage if you  can be down to earth about this blog niche.

Many of the available natural medicine sites and blogs in Nigeria are still ordinary in their approach to treatment, plant names and identification.

Issues around dosage, concentration and other factors that you can get research articles on are missing in some of those blogs.

If you research well into those methods, you will be popular soon.

Making Pot, making raffia basket and similar crafts

The approach is the same: teach people how to do it well. Show them pictures of the ones you do, how you did them and why they stand out. Build a community of like minds. Inspire and empower them.

African Spicy food Blog

This is a rare niche as of today because if you search for African Spicy Food Blog on Google, you find out little search results.

With a food blog you will learn more about cooking, recipe development and medicinal aspects of food.

Many African dishes are now sought after by Europeans and lack of working recipe is keeping them out.

Starting a food blog that focused on African style of cooking will propel you to the top and make you a reference point especially if you included recipe.


The possibilities are limitless, but it will take time since you have no forerunners upon whose shoulder you can stand.

According to one of the food blogger, “When I started this blog, I wasn’t aware of any Nigerian blog focused on the creative non-fiction niche like I do” Now the blog is flourishing.

The ball has now been passed to you and it is time to take the advantage.

Start getting food-related advert offers from other businesses

You can also make money from advertising networks like Google AdSense, Adcash, Inforlinks and many more.

Opportunities in this blog niche is high and the more you post new recipes, the more you rank and make your cool cash.

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