Top 36 eBook topics that sell in Nigeria 2017

Android book, free book apps, book apps, free ebooks for android are some of the results you get when you search for phrases used by Nigerian online readers.

What does this tell you my friend? Nigerians are now catching up with the rest of the world and the methodology being used is reading ebooks.


Nigerians search these words a lot in the last few weeks:

Free reading apps, reading apps, free book reading, read books free, read for free, amazon Nigeria, free ebooks download for android. Alas, finally Nigerians are doing the right thing.

Why you must act now

Dear educated reader, you can imagine developing ebook titles around those searches. You can be rest assured that people will download and you will make some good money.

This is where writing quality eBooks and selling them come into play.

NOTE: Don’t just read this post…TAKE ACTION

What people are doing!

It is confirmed by many online ecommerce guys that Nigerians buy eBooks a lot but not on all topics. They assert that eBooks that solve people’s immediate problems enjoy more patronage.

A curious blog reader once complained that no one is buying his eBooks after one year of launch. This happens commonly on Ebay, Amazon, awesomegang etc.

Therefore it is important to choose your title wisely.

Why people will not buy your eBook

Everybody is looking at where to put his or her money for added value. That is why a book with the title “History of West Africa” will have little or no buyers because nobody is interested in the history.

Remember, there is virtually nothing to be proud of in that region. Same goes for writing about History of Nigeria and many African countries. They suck a lot and are backward with many of their populace looking for ways to survive in the bad economy?

Nigerians like many other Africans need information that will send them out of poverty, make them live longer and healthy, information on how to improve their skills etc.

Knowing our history is not bad anyway but choosing this hard time with bad economy is simply off point.

I think you get my point right? Choose the title of your eBook wisely with focus on what people want to read …you are only in business when they read you.


Will western topics sell in Nigeria??

This is a 1 million dollar question; and the answer is not far at all. Many eBooks titles that sell well in the Western countries (US, UK, Australia, New Zealand etc) may not sell at all here in Africa and Nigeria in particular.

There are so many reasons why this will be so and one of the reasons is the low technology reach here in Nigeria and the poor reading culture.

 Why people will read your eBook

Hey!  Nigerians will not buy your eBooks because you have written it.  They will read your book only when it solves an immediate, short term or a long term problem.

Be wise enough to figure out the mind of your readers.


Simple tips to discover a selling title

  • Socialize with the new generation
  • Use the social media as a base to pin point readers preferences
  • Visit book publishers by the backdoor to know what sells
  • Visualize the topics in the newspaper websites which people reads a lot
  • Be ready to write on the topics of people’s interest not yours

Be ready to write on

Note: These are hot niches for now and will be hot.

My Personal experience

People read my website more on the 4 topics above more than other posts.

I have made some research and the result is the one being published here.

The outcome of the study gave about 36 eBook title ideas that can work for you.

Feel free to pick from the list and do further research on the ones you think falls within your interest.

You can also search for a PLR on the title copy and sell.


Please note: these eBook title topics are not ranked according to popularity.

Hot 26 eBook Title Ideas with High Demand in Nigeria

  1. What can i do to make money in Nigeria?
  2. Best place to sell ebooks online
  3. Easiest ways of making money in Nigeria
  4. How to make money online in Nigeria
  5. Online jobs in Nigeria
  6. Online business in Nigeria
  7. How to sell ebooks online
  8. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome
  9. How to develop a book reading app
  10. Admission Guide
  11. Skills acquisitions
  12. Making bio-fertilizers
  13. How to farm vegetables
  14. Making money selling other people’s products
  15. event management
  16. Homemade insecticide etc.
  17. Agriculture (Poultry, Fishery, Goat farming, bee keeping etc)
  18. No till farming system in agriculture
  19. Business proposals and feasibility studies
  20. Marketing ideas and business success guides
  21. Company registration and documentation
  22. Car licensing and Registration guide
  23. How to sell past questions (WAEC,GCE, job interview questions)
  24. House Keeping guides
  25. Job search tips
  26. Travel abroad Guide
  27. Food packaging guide
  28. Weight loss / gain Tips
  29. Health Tips (Healthy living, irritable bowel syndrome, curing diabetes, curing malaria)
  30. Business Start Guides (Gas station, food processing, preservation etc)
  31. Export Guides
  32. Public speaking / presentation guides
  33. Internet Business Ideas
  34. Cooking tips
  35. Ankara fashion Magazine
  36. Blogging Business


Any eBook with any of the above titles will sell like water if you have good marketing and selling strategies.

Remember, how much you sell is the much you will make in money. Therefore, selling is the key point here.

I wish this article helps you in a way to start acting and start making some good an legitimate money through writing.

Feel free to share this article and remain blessed.


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