How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017

One of the best ways of making money online in 2017 is by creating a job seekers blog. A job blog is simply a blog that lists latest job openings and attach links to apply.

Increasing numbers of job seekers worldwide makes this niche very hot. It doesn’t matter how good the economy of a country is, people will always want to change jobs.

In the case of Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries, it could be a bad news that more than 50-60% of people out of school are job seeker!!!

This bad news is good news for you if you choose to blog about issues surrounding job seeking; especially listing the new job openings.

The way I put this to you may sound very irresponsible, but that is the fact about the whole issue.

So if you are one of those still roaming the street or complaining about government inability, stop for ounce and create a job for yourself by creating and managing a job blog.

I remember that many years ago I fight to subscribe to job seeker blogs so don’t think people will not come checking.

How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017

The big question

Is this niche lucrative?

To the best of my knowledge, the niche is lucrative and still enjoy the patronage of many prospective job seekers.

If Nigerian population and indeed the world population keep increasing, so will population of those seeking jobs will increase.

Private sector is the drive

Remember, Government will only spread news of competitive jobs that are just too small for the population of job seekers.

In that case, private sector jobs are always there and your job will be to spread the news.

The government few available jobs are for the millions of jobless graduates and that indicates opportunity for you to spread private sector jobs.

The story of 2014 immigration job saga is still fresh and it will still happen to if Government advertises jobs again. This is because many people are still looking for a job or so called stable jobs.

Why is this niche still profitable?

The scenario of 2014 above provides background for the new rush into niche by smart Nigerian bloggers but with this new competition, the niche is still good.

You can imagine within a little period we now have the big players like,,,

New bloggers in this niche still have chance to make money from it since people will always need jobs.

The time has come for you young graduates to stop waiting for white-collar jobs but jump out of your comfort zone to do something productive with your time.

How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017

Do it this way; while you are waiting for a 8-5pm job, engage yourself in a things that that you think are lucrative or can make you some money.

One of the way you can occupy your time positively is to start a niche blog like job blog.

This could help you in a way to even identify several job opening opportunities and at same time you are making money online.

It then means that managing a job blog can make you to find better jobs for yourself or friends. You may even become a hiring officer for companies and recruiters.

After a while, you could then decide whether to work any job or not. That’s why you may need to start a job blog if you are a job seeker.

Now let’s start: How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017

  1. Choose a domain name: It is important that you choose a domain that has a job in it. Here are examples;,,, etc.
  2. Buy a Hosting right: It’s advisable to that you choose a very cheap hosting package for this since you are just starting out. Signup for $1/mo WordPress Hosting from either interservers, qsevers, Hostgator or iPage where you can get a FREE Domain name and more…
  3. Install a premium WordPress Job theme: You will need a blog template that is made suitable for jobs. Examples are Jobify, Jobseek, JobMonster, or JobBoard. All these are templates made specifically for jobs. Make sure you preview them before install.


Where to Get New Jobs Opening and how to manage your job blog

  • Through Daily newspapers: There are jobs opening from different companies. All you need to make a list of all the companies that recruits regularly.
  • They include agricultural industries, sales and marketing, telecommunication industries, eCommerce Companies and many more.
  • Also, visit the popular job boards such as to get the latest job offer. Copy the jobs and publish on your blog.
  • Do your homework and optimize your blog with an onpage SEO

It might take about a year or thereabout before your blog will rank well in Google and other search engines.

  • In that case, do your best to exercise patience while you grow the blog until it makes money.
  • Make sure you update everyday (at least 5 jobs/day).
  • Create a Social Media Presence for your Job Blog: Many job seekers are in the social media.

So, do well to create a Facebook Page, Twitter Handle, Google+ page for the job blog.

From here, you can promote your blog to get faster results.

  • Create and Grow your Subscriber List

Many job seekers are obsessed with job alert dropped directly into their email address.

So, offer your readers the opportunity to subscribe for job alert by mail.

With the email list, you can grow your readership base by the numbers. These are the people you will be sending new post once you publish.

Like me I am using Jetpark and MailChimp Email Software to grow my followership and.

 How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017

There are many ways to make money from your job blog.

Immediately your traffic is coming, you have to choose a strategy to monetize the traffic.

Here are the most popular monetization strategies for a job blog;

  1. Offer CV writing services: This is a very lucrative strategy by offering CV writing services on your job blog. You can advertise your services under each job post.
  2. Compile and Sell Previous Interview Questions: This is one of the things people like a lot on specialized blogs and you can also take part.

Source for, compile, and provide answers to previous interview questions from top recruiters.

Sell it directly to your readers. They will buy it because it is a valuable material to guide them through the competitive aptitude tests.

  1. Compile and Sell tips about how to answer Interview questions: This is another way you could monetize your job blog traffic and it can be a money spinner for you.
  2. Work together with Recruiting firms: Identify the key players in the market and offer them opportunity to advertise on your blog for a small fee.
  3. Offer Paid Recruitment Services: This is what the leaders in the market like Jobberman is doing and the door is always open for you also to do it.
  4. Sell advertising space on you blog: If you can create a busy job blog, you can sell a space to others to come and advertise on your blog. By so doing, you are making money from your job blog.
  5. Make Money from Advertising Networks: AdSense, Chitika, Clicksor etc are all advertising networks that can generate money for you. This important point is saved for the last.
  6. Whichever of the advertising network you are choosing, signup for an account, integrate on your job blog and start making cool money online.

The amount you can make depends on the traffic you get which is a product of hard work and perseverance.

It won’t be easy but it’s something you need to do if you need to live a good life without a regular job.

How to Start, Grow and Make Money from a Job Blog in 2017 has ended. See you in another post

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