Skrill and Nigeria marketers: How to withdraw affiliate money in Nigeria with Payoneer, Skrill and PayPal

Online marketing is now a real deal. If you are an affiliate marketer in Nigeria, an online entrepreneur or a prospective mind willing to use the internet as a tool in making money online, this post is for you.

You must have heard about affiliate marketing, blogging, selling physical products or information marketing in Nigeria.

If all of these concern you, please read this post till the end.

Skrill and Nigeria marketers: How to withdraw affiliate money in Nigeria with Payoneer, Skrill  and PayPal

One of the main questions we handle from time to time is how to withdraw online money within Nigeria.

Some will say, “How can I receive my online affiliate earnings here in Nigeria”?

The answer is “There are many ways to withdraw your money online”.

Let us say you are an affiliate marketer.

As an affiliate marketer, you know that there are now more than a hundred affiliate marketing program you can join, promote products and start making money.

However, the main problem is that limit Nigerian marketers is that many of the affiliate marketing programs only pay via PayPal.

Unfortunately, PayPal only allows Nigerians to buy goods and services with their PayPal account but not to receive payments especially at this time of economic recession and foreign exchange (FOREX) issues.

This makes it difficult for many Nigerian marketers to receive payments from most affiliate networks.

However, I have been into affiliate marketing currently selling products with hopes of making some good income.

Apart from my affiliates, I have products that I sell online and currently making easy money online.

I promote webhosting programs, email marketing softwares and products from online stores.

Skrill and Nigeria marketers: How to withdraw affiliate money in Nigeria with Payoneer, Skrill  and PayPal

I join networks that and selected affiliate program that pays from stuff like cheque, direct bank deposit, Payoneer, Skrill, PayPal.

Affiliate marketing that pays via check

For instance, Amazon affiliate pays via cheque. You can cash the cheque with your local bank account here in Nigeria once the check arrived at your address.

Some affiliate Programs that pays via Direct transfer:

Other affiliate marketing programs pays via direct bank transfer. This is called wire transfer- this means that once your earning reached the payment threshold, you will be paid directly into your local bank account here in Nigeria.

A typical example of affiliate marketing program that pays via direct transfer are hostgator, whogohost, Konga, etc.

Affiliate marketing Program that pays via Payoneer

Payoneer is a US payment system that allows online businesses and affiliates to receive payments from US or UK companies as if they are in US.

The service is free and they only charge a token one you want to withdraw your money.

Before now, once you sign up with them, they will assign you a US bank account and send you a MasterCard debit card which you can use to withdraw at local ATM but that is no more possible.

There are just so many affiliate marketing programs that pays with Payoneer.  Few of them are Commission Junction, Themeforest, Thememonster, Fiverr and many others.

So how do you now receive your money?

Other Options:

The other options is to get a peer to peer PayPal account. You can get this done if are able to travel to any PayPal business account enables nations.

Also, a friend in any of the enabled countries can help you to get one.

However, for how long will you use your friend’s account?

My Advice:

Before you join any affiliate marketing program, make sure that you fully understand how you will receive the money into your local bank account here in Nigeria.

Signup with Skrill even if you have PayPal or Payoneer

Verify your Skrill account email or multiple emails

When you want to withdraw from PayPal, just ask PayPal to fund your Skrill account

Then ask Skrill for Bank wire payment

If it is Payoneer, ask them to fund your Skrill account via your verified email

Gbam your money is there.

Caution: Make sure the Address on your Skrill is same as your bank Address for the purpose of verification.

Else, all your promotional efforts will be wasted.

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