How to make money with information marketing online in Nigeria 2017

The world has just changed as people are now using fast and digital technologies to improve their economic life and drive themselves out of serious recession permanently.

The time has come for you also to engage in selling information on the internet to start making money online. The internet has thrown this opportunity at us.

There is no more room for failure or complain about job scarcity or economic collapse or recession. The ball is in your court and the time has come for you to also make money online with blogging.

Indeed the future is here and it is for those that take the advantage. This were the words of good politicians, if we got one!!!!

Selling information in Nigeria is gaining ground thought we are still developing.

 How to make money with information marketing online in Nigeria 2017

In the case of Nigeria, the time is now for you to make money online selling information.

Nigerians are now using the internet to source for information like never before.

Therefore, using this certainty, you must now go all out to set your foot down and start earning while you sleep.

Remember if you have never earned money while asleep in this age, you may never become financially free.

The most important thing is coming to terms with a selling idea or an idea you are passionate and knowledgeable about so that that is needed is to get down to work and blog about it.

Definitely, you must have enough understanding of how to convert your God given talent to wealth.

How to make money with information marketing online in Nigeria 2017

Let us learn together with Fashion products marketing

How to make money with fashion blog or information products

Steps involved

Step 1

Be inspired and loaded with information

Read about fashion generally online: this will give you a broad information of what fashion means, what it was in the past, where it is now and the possible future direction it may head.

Interact with fashion practitioners: we call them fashion designers; funny indeed, but you will have to interact with them to learn some of their job challenges, their market words and products.

Styles, cosmetics, creams and other materials they use in their business will be some of the areas you can learn for you to dominate the niche in terms of information.

Get crazy: if your idea about fashion is not crazy and don’t get me wrong here please. I don’t mean you should begin to do bad things; always remain cool headed.

You can be crazy in your assumptions, your recipe for hair styles, names of hair styles etc. All you need to do is to get down to work and remain   focused.

Step 2

Set up a blog

If you will have to market information and earn decent money, you must set up a Fashion blog.

Items you will need:

A domain name with fashion keywords

You must purchase a domain name from reliable sellers online here in Nigeria you can do that with qservers and utiware. 1$1, interservers, liquidweb, hostgator and iPage are reliable ones …Buy here.

Hosting right

You will have to host your blog or website with companies where you buy your domain name or you may wish to split. Either method works well.

Write your blogs

After setting up your website, you will have to develop contents that are relevant to your blog niche. Fashion blog is still and untapped blog niche in Nigeria. It is also a good business idea that is working.

You can go out of your way to develop some ebooks or concert all your blog post to books which you can sell via your blog or website.

Step 3

Monetize your blog

To be honest with you, I have had the opportunity to monetize some of my writing ideas and some of them have actually make me few bucks in dollar.

As a guide, you must understand that monetization doesn’t have to be only one source.

If you intend only one source of monetization, then you will need to estimate the income accruable for your work rate.

Highlighted below are some of the working monetization pathways that are working for Nigerians

Google adsense

Google is the biggest advertising network that has worldwide adverts and traffics.

They are the foremost pay per click (PPC) advertising platform and till date they are good to make some dollars.

No doubt, it is one of the main methods that work for Nigerians and for other people worldwide.

In order to succeed with this method, you will need great deal of traffic to your blog and highly paying CPC ads. Read more on google adsense here.

Affliate marketing

This method entails the blog owner to sell his/her product or sell other peoples’ product.

In Nigeria, Jumia and Konga are examples of online stores whose affiliate you can join to market their products and enjoy commissions.

The mobile networks are also coming up with their affiliate products and you can just opt in anytime.

You may wish to consider using international affiliate marketing platforms such as clickbank, JVZoo and commission junction.

Affiliate marketing can be combine with Google Adsense or any other banner advertising networks that work well with Google Adsense.

How to withdraw your money

The under listed methods are proven for you to get paid for your effort in Nigeria.

Open domiciliary account

A domiciliary account is otherwise called dollar account if the currency denomination you prefer is dollar.

If you prefer other currencies you may also open them. The details will be from your banker. Open this account when you have some money. Don’t put the cart before the horse.

Open account with payoneer or skrill

This platform is very robust and works well for Nigerians to bank money in United States dollars or withdraw the said money to your account in Nigeria.

The system comes with master card that you can use to purchase online from other trading platforms.

Opening both Skrill and payoneer is now preferred to opening either one only. Read more on the topic

Withdraw to your bank account directly

If you will like to have your money placed in your account directly, you may contact relevant sources at google to be abreast of new changes especially now that Nigerian banks are closing down on individual foreign transactions …there will be more on this point

Some other Niches that may interest you

Import and export blog, How to travel abroad without tears,

Skin care, Hair loss blog, Tech trends, Natural remedies


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