How to Make Money from Information Marketing in Nigeria

You will learn how you can start making money online from selling information or information marketing.

I’ll also let you know how you can make passive money up to 5 Million Naira and more from selling very simple and easy to get information products online.

You have to know that anybody can start information marketing business and grow it to any level. All you need is the will, education, knowledge and dedication.

What does information-marketing means?

This simply means selling information products to people who are in serious need of the packaged information products.

Packaging types

The information products is mostly in the form of

  • ebooks saved in PDF format: This is the popular method
  • video tutorial
  • audio book
  • podcast
  • Smart phone apps
  • PowerPoint slides

Once you are able to package any kind of information in any form listed above, you can then start selling them to people who are in need of the items listed on your website. This is all that is called information selling or marketing business.

A success story

A very popular blogger ounce wrote a post about how he made Millions of Naira from selling very simple information products.


According to him, he is sharing he made Millions of naira in less than 2 years from selling very simple information products online.

In 2013, he created a blog called m***** There he simply package exam past questions and answers and sell to candidates.

There, he have past questions for post utme, jamb, waec, NECO, GCE, Scholarships and job interviews. According to him, there is no single day he does not sell a product on the website.

He made sure that the price of the items are cheap (about N500 only)

Due to high demand from many population that we have in Nigeria, he made some good money. He also added good customer service there and that’s why I made more sales.

He then brag that “That was just to show you that I’m good at this information marketing business”.

You too can start your own information marketing and make money from it.


Why do you also need to launch Information products?

Below are some of the reasons why you should also go out to make some information products.

  1. Information products is popular: The new rocking way of getting educated is via seeking information in the internet and eBooks. I have learn so much from eBooks mre than my regular physical classes. What about you?
  2. Good for Jobseekers: instead of staying endlessly out of job, you can initiate an information-marketing platform and there you can build a future of passive income.
  3. No or low budget for Product Creation: Unlike many other business, you can seemingly create an information products without spending a dime. It doesn’t cost anything to compile a list of resources and sell to people who needs them. You can sell virtually any type of information products especially there are people who wants to buy them. And fortunately you don’t need any money to create the product.
  4. Seamless delivery service: information products can be delivered anywhere and anytime; unlike physical products, information products can be sold to anybody at anytime. Therefore, it is easy to be delivered to the buyers since only a clickable download link will be needed.
  5. Sell while you sleep: it is a product you can sell while sleeping since everything is automated.
  6. Large Profit Margin: There is a very large profit margin with information products. Remember, you have only invested very little in terms of money and time on producing the product. Thus, you’ll virtually make over 100% sales profit.
  7. Information selling is scalable: Meaning you can do it at any level – as large as possible or as small as you can control. Generally, there is a serious profit margin in this business.
  8. Few Staff Members are involved: Just like autopilot business, information marketing business runs itself just after rendering it. Its an automated business that makes money on its own once automated. This business is a case of sit home and make money. You don’t need much staff to run your business. All you need is to track your performance while you search for more profitable marketing strategies.

Information products that Sells like Hotcakes

Just like any other business, information selling or marketing may or may not perform well. This is the reason why you need to invest your time in creating information products with high quality so that you can make reasonable income.

You must understand that the more people buy your products, the more money you will make and the other side is also true. People want to buy good stuffs not a junck book or product.

Some of the ideas you can create information products about and sell in cheap price to people. These ideas may sell like water if you chose the ones that inspires you the most:

  • How-to tutorials
  • Cooking and confectionery tips
  • Exercise tips
  • Yoga and healthy living
  • Make money online guide
  • Excursions, travel guide and sightseeing
  • Health tips
  • Internet Marketing
  • Interior design and decoration tips
  • Small scale and medium scale businesses


Kindly make sure you create an information product whose content is evergreen in nature i.e, the information will be needed for a long time. Make sure you have researched the topic very well.

How to conduct research to identify best topics for your Information Products

Proper research is the heart of your product. You must sell what people are willing to buy not what you think people will but.

Research will help you determine:

  • How large is your potential audience or buyer base
  • Will people like the topic?
  • How much will be the right price?

Answers to these questions will help you to create an information products that will sell very well and become profitable.

Below are some of the ways you can do research on hot topics for which you can build your information products:

  1. Leverage existing information marketing platforms: Visit popular information products store that is found in your area. For example, if you are in United States, consider amazon, ebay or clikbank while Nigerians can peep on The next step will be to search for top sellers in any category of your choice. Top sellers means that there are more buyers. Now, choose a product that you think you can create a something close or related to it. Create it with a lot of improvements in it. Make it a bit special than the one you saw.
  2. Inspiration: Many information products creator are simply inspired to get a topic that people will want to buy. They get inspiration from their environment, thoughts or feelings. Once you discover a problem in the society, you can create an information products in a bit to solve the problem and sell to those who already needs them.
  3. Conduct market surveys: Another way to come up with a topic for your information product is by asking. You can ask your friends, relatives, followers about what they will like to buy.


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