20+ Ways of making money online with Adsense


How to increase revenue from your display Ads

Increase in web content has seen online advert overtake conventional sources as big corporations now have large sales teams dedicated to selling ad inventory directly while smaller sites and blogs often rely on established advertising like Google AdSense to provide the demand.

Display advert is one of the popular ways to earn revenue or monetize your online content. Many bloggers and online entrepreneur found this method useful due to its ease of entry and placing of Ads on their website or blog.

AdSense by its nature is a revenue stream that takes a few days to be approved and few hours to activate the codes. AdSense enjoys big acceptance among website owners for the ease of capturing that first dollar of revenue.

Discovering how to optimize your display ads on AdSense without reducing your visitors’ satisfaction is a much more important process that requires your imagination, analysis and continuous openness to tryouts.

It with recognition of this fact that the tips below was compiled based on facts and experience of other users who are making money online with AdSense. These tips are also applicable to users of Media.net, inforlinks and other ad network providers.

The true picture

If your website or blog has just get approved by Google AdSense or you have been following the steps lay out in the signup, be informed that there are much more information you should know and practice in order to get the most out of your AdSense account. The list below was compiled to enrich your knowledge and assist you in making more out of your AdSense ads …enjoy

The ultimate Google AdSense tips

1. Take Maximum Advantage of Your Ad Units: this is the simplest tip about AdSense. Remember, AdSense lets you have up to three standard ad units on a page, therefore, be wise enough to take advantage by using all the Ad types on your page(s).

2. Pay Close Attention to Link Units: it is rare to find people talk about using link units to increase revenue on blogs and websites. Adding about three link units on a page would yield fast and meaningful results that you desired in your revenue drive.

3. More on Link Units: experience has shown that link units are doing well but website owners and advertisers on heap their focus on traditional ad units. A recent opinion showed that Link units have the potential to out-earn leaderboards and rectangles.

4. Include a Customized Search Engine on your website: This way you can have opportunity to insert more AdSense advert units on your site. You can be rest assured of high RPMs; though you traffic may drop a little (though traffic is relatively light).

5. Enable Ads Placement option: You must enable placement of targeted ads so that advertisers will include your website in their campaign. The ads placement would be by name or by crawling to identify the website’s targeted group. Therefore, enable placement targeting by default.

6. Initiate Ads Monitoring Channels: initiating self-designed ads performance networks will allow you to evaluate methods that are working for you. This way you will derive better awareness and will make testing new ideas very easy. Setting up new methods could be fun and can be worth up-front investment in terms of time and money.

7. Do use Text & Image Ads: AdSense permits you to restrict an ad unit to “image only” or allow both text and image ads. Allowing text ads to show, gives AdSense an increased number of ads and this will almost certainly increase your click rate and earnings.

8. Focus on the Regular Ad Units: AdSense permits all their publishers to choose from several adverts ad units even though, some Ad types are very common among advertisers. The common Ads are: 300×250, 728×90, and 160×600; using these common sizes, will place you among the preferred population of advertisers and this will increase your visibility in a way.

9. Always Examine Your Fill Rate: There is no point displaying blank space on your website or blog so, make sure that you are serving ads and not blank space on your site. Monitoring fill rate is an easy way to do this be sure.

10. Combine AdSense with other Ad networks: It is a fact that AdSense only allows three ads units per page – AdSense terms and conditions. In real sense, most blog or website pages can comfortably accommodate more than this allowed numbers without distracting visitors. If your website can accommodate more ad units, include more ads from AdSense competitors but make sure you do not infringe on the AdSense terms and conditions.

11. Place Units in the Leaderboard or Above the Fold (ATF): This tip is common among AdSense advertisers so, it seem obvious. Experience have shown that the higher up on a page your ads are, the more they will be viewed and probably the more you will earn.

12. Proven Positioning Matters: While placing ads above the main fold of your website page is generally advantageous, what the ad is next to is more important than the location in the page. Check the example below for better insight…

13. Avoid Ads Placement and Positioning Abuse: it is normal and common when one crave making more money online with AdSense to forget the terms and conditions of Ads placing and positioning. Avoid making decisions that can cause negative readers’ experience. While there may be immediate increased revenue, you may eventually hurt the future earnings potential of your site by wearing down your traffic base.

14. Check Your AdSense Dashboard Performance: one way of knowing how your ads are performing is to check. AdSense has a widget that shows revenue optimization score. This tool could be general, but it will help you since you can confirm your highest possible score and that worth it.

Learn through Experiment

A scan through the experiences of successful AdSense advertisers showed one important element in making high revenue with display ad monetization and making money online with AdSense. This is an ability and willingness to experiment. Through trial and error, you will eventually identify combinations, layouts and styles make best earnings for your site. Each site and readers are different; therefore, no universal applicable suggestions in this case. Here are some ideas you can experiment with to start off and keep developing.

15. Replace Your 300×250 with a 300×600: you can do this in the sidebar of your website. Remember the 300×600 ad unit offers an opportunity to give more space your ads. The large size allows you to run persuasive ads with highly responsive call-to-action button. This may translate into higher click rates. You may still keep your 300×250 if it works well with your blog or website.

16. Replace 728×90 Banner Ad with a 970×90: changing your smaller leaderboard ad to bigger size helps the ads to stand out more with high visibility to both new and returning visitors to your website.

17. Utilize the opportunity of Google Experiments: like never before, it is now easy conduct A/B experiments within AdSense. This is a real way to identify what works for you. It’s a good decision to have at least one experiment(s) going at a time.

18. Do some math with your result: AdSense results are good for testing some concept of statistical significance. This will help you quantify the real difference in your earnings due to a step or experiment you are running. This may not be necessary if the changes are obvious.

19. Experiment with the Colors of different Ad Units: all humans are sensitive to color and respond to certain colors in different ways. This may sound like a simple tip, the idea can be expanded under different conditions. Identifying the best combination of text color, background color, and border color is worthwhile because it can lead to a big jump in earnings.

20. Try a crazy Color Combination and examine: sometimes it’s relaxing to try crazy colors with your ads. This may not increase your click through rate (CTR) or earnings, but you stand a chance of reaping the results of going against the ordinary. This may result in higher visibility and an increased in click.

21. Play with the Link Unit Colors: Most link units will default to blue color that is normally associated with links. This is because blue links has generally the best performance. One way through this is to use bolder color as this will work better, especially if links on your site are a color besides the standard blue.

22. Experiment with a link under your navigation bar: experimental results have shown that adding a link in this position falls within the terms of service of AdSense and has the potential to become your top earner.

23. Insert Banner Ads into Text or blog body: Ads inserted within the main content of an article can be very effective at attracting attention. This is because they engage the visitor in a way similar to the original site content. The figure below demonstrates a 300×250 ad that appears between two paragraphs of an article.

24. Change the location of Your Leaderboard: it is a common sight in websites to find the leaderboard (728×90 ad unit) at the very top of the page. In most cases, the reason being making it be the very first thing visitors will see. Experiment shows that this method is effective in a way. The disadvantage is that most readers scroll down within seconds without feeling the ad. Immediately they do that, the ad unit is gone. Check the illustration below to check how you might behave in the two cases.

The leaderboard in the upper image is almost worthless; imagine to view any of the content, visitors need to scroll down and that pushes the 728×90 ad unit out of view.

Have a look at a better implementation, with the leaderboard much lower on the page.

To be continued …


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