How to Make Money Online in Nigeria Doing Online Businesses 2017

Dear esteemed reader, Here are the Easiest ways of making money online in Nigeria without paying much money to start.

Never underestimate how much legitimate money you can make online in Nigeria in 2017 without much sweat. This could either be funny or interesting, everything depends on how you feel and actions you take.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn easy and effective ways of making cool money online in Nigeria and physically.

The money-making methods you are about to receive are all doable in Nigeria and there is enough knowledge to take you through the journey. The world is changing and learning is becoming easy, so don’t be left behind.

The purpose of this platform is to spread information on how youths and anyone that cares about financial freedom in Nigeria and elsewhere can actualize their dreams.

If you wish to stamp your name also in legitimate online money in Nigeria, keep reading and fix a date to get started.

Making money  online in Nigeria has come to stay and you must not be left out

Everyday people are making money online and offline in Nigeria just like many other places around the world. Even while in economic recession, there are still hundreds if not more ways of making money online in Nigeria. You will learn the to unlock more wealth if you are determined.

This post will discuss hot methods only not all junks that is out there to waste your time. We hope you will be smart, determined and dogged enough to lay your hands on some of the methods for you to earn enough money for yourself.

If you have stayed with us until this far, we want to thank you and plead that you continue reading as we start the whole story about what brings you thus far.

The true picture

If you want to start making money online in Nigeria, you must be ready to offer service(s) (help someone do a job) or sell your product (physical and digital).

To achieve this, you don’t necessarily have to put down some money but you may have to use your time or mental acumen or money and many more. However, we don’t advise you to be a scammer.

Comparing online business and normal business

Business issues Online Traditional
Private ownership Very easy Easy for small-scale
Capital outlay · Easy to gather on installments

· Most times very easy

Can be difficult
Movement of goods Very easy and stylish Can be cumbersome and frustrating
Loss of capital Very difficult Can occur in a jiffy
Operating hours 24/7 Limited time daily
Failure rate · Difficult to fail easily

·  Some cannot fail for now

Very vulnerable
Market penetration Unrestricted Often confined to a geographical location
Success Takes time Can happen quickly


Ways of making money in Nigeria

Now lets delve really into the main issue…

Create a new Web Search Engine

One of the lasting ways of making money on the internet is by starting a search engine. This may sound too high or impossible, if you check the picture beside, the number of search engines is growing and everyone is having a share of the world market.

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). The information may be a mix of videos, web pages, images, and other types of files.

Some search engines also look for data available in databases or other open sources. Unlike web directories, which are maintained only by human editors, search engines also maintain real-time information by running an algorithm on a web crawler (popularly called robot).

A typical example is Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Aks.com and the little acknowledge and many more. You must know that there are still not much search engines developed in Africa so, you can create one and rank for it on the African rating.

A search engine will make money for you through advertising sales, traffic, Google AdSense and outreach. All you need is tenacity, constant site optimization and constant promotion and advertisement. People that own search engine in Nigeria are making big fortunes in advertising. Example of a Nigerian made search engine is fast.ng, Vconnect.com, zapmeta.ng, and more.

Things you need to start

Why you must act

  • It is not hard to own a search engine at this time because things are getting easy to do now on the internet.
  • It is now easy to get an already made search engine crawler script in the market.
  • You can buy it and use it to build your fully optimized search engine website.

If you start small now, definitely you will grow at your pace and make cool cash right from your home.

How you will make money

Create your own Social Media network

If you consider the current internet penetration in Nigeria and Africa in general, you will agree with me that setting up a social network is still marketable. All you need to have is the courage and believe that it can be done.

Remember, the founders of Facebook, Twitter or Reddit, of this world were skeptical in the beginning, they were scared of feasibility of the system, so, don’t dwell on the negative, you can start your own social media network here in Nigeria with good patronage.

Since a social media network is a site that allows individuals to sign up, interact with other people, share their knowledge and make new friends, you will always be there.

How you will make money

  • Selling solo advertisement
  • Selling advert space
  • Google AdSense
  • e-mail list marketing
  • Sign-up with other advertising networks

Create your own niche Forum

An online forum is a platform designed for people of similar mind, opportunities or challenges to share experiences and knowledge about things that matters to them. Many profitable niche forum discuss issues like marriage, eating disorders, physical fitness, gossip, sports, politics etc.

Therefore, niche forum is one of the viable methods of making money online in Nigeria and worldwide generally. A forum has the tendency to grow on it’s own because as users derive benefits, the content grows and the site will become so busy with visitors.

Currently there are only known broad niche forums like Nairaland, Talkafrica.co, Guruslodge and more in Nigeria. If you narrow down to hot topics you will get to the high levels.

Things you need to start

Skills needed

  • Marketing strategies to promote your social media or forum to get more users.
  • Advertise your site on other social media.
  • Identify a new crave by people

How you will make money

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Selling solo advertisement
  • Selling advert space
  • Google AdSense
  • e-mail list marketing
  • Sign-up with other advertising networks

 Initiate 5 minutes video steaming website

Nobody is doing this at the moment; the popular youtube is full of many kinds of videos (both short and long). Why not start a platform with only short videos (say 5 minutes only). Good idea isn’t it???

If you search online about methods of making money online, you will come across many bloggers who will ask you to start a video streaming business in Nigeria. Well, as much as people may be right that Nigerians now watch informative videos online than buy the CD. Therefore, starting on a low-budget is the most feasible method to earn money from video streaming.

You may also collaborate with short movies producers by seeking their permission to own their movies or other types of videos which you will then upload on your website.

Remember, the guys that own the popular IROKO TV, IBAKA TV, TVNOLLY etc are earning a lot of dollars from their partial ownership of Nollywood movies and other copyright materials. If you don’t have the financial muscle to compete, start small now with an eye to the future.

How you will make money

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google AdSense
  • Solo Ads
  • Sign-up with other advertising networks that does not conflict with Google Adsense
  • Direct advertisement on your channel.


One important thing you must bear in mind is that Nigerians and other people around the world watch many of short movies outside Nigeria even more than people at home

Things you need to start

Initiate and package a Job scouting/search website

Nigeria has an acute supply of jobs to teaming youths of over 30 million. The number of Nigerian graduates looking for job is on the high side like never before. So, starting a platform where job seekers can find vacancies easily 24/7 is worthwhile. Without doubt, this is one of the viable ways to make money in Nigeria even elsewhere. I could remember joining many job-search websites when I was looking for job. They are useful indeed.

The nature of job seeking websites is that they are versatile –they combine other services. Many of them can offer CV review services, CV re-formatting, put up job search seminars and soft skills acquisition for fresh graduates.

Where the Money is!!!

  • All the added  associated with job posting will earn you money as people start to trust in your advise
  • On your website you can make money from Google AdSense
  • Solo ads
  • Paid advertisement
  • E-mail list marketing and so on.


Owners of job search websites are making it big in Nigeria and the number is increasing everyday. Examples are jobberman.com, Hotnigerianjobs, NGCareers and JoblistNigeria. jobzilla is a recent addition  and it is rocking the internet space in Nigeria.

What you need to start

 Start an Online Store (e-commerce)

As the penetration of mobile banking and mobile internet increases, so is the proliferation of online shops. There are now online shops for books, electronics, cars  etc now in Nigeria. Without doubt, there is cool money there. The fact that people can sit in the comfort of their house and order for goods from a distant place and got delivered to them is fun and Nigerians are embracing that fun.

The pay on delivery system makes online shopping more popular. Buyers now trust sellers since buyers can now pay for their goods during delivery.

The online market place in Nigeria is currently rocking and dominated by Konga, Jumia and Kaymu. There are now new outfits making more coming into the business everyday within the online market place and everyone is making their own money.

Can you imagine that within just three years, Konga online store is now valued as a multi billion dollar business??

In my experience, you can sell any product online in Nigeria but digital products (e-books, software, mobile apps) are still less patronized. However, physical products like mobile phones, phone accessories, clothing, food products, books etc attract more profit and patronage.

Startup materials

It’s becoming more easy to start your own online store in Nigeria and elsewhere. In fact, you can start online store with a very small product. If you want to start on a large scale, you can use the services like Magento or Bigcommerce as a platform to build your online store. Bigcommerce makes it easy to sell online.

If you have a website with shopping cart, SEO, design, hosting and more, you are good to go.


You have to understand that there is no way you can record loss in this case if you start with your own product and scale it up slowly. This method is good for making passive money even when you have a regular job.

Develop an Affiliate marketing site

This method of making money online is not very popular yet due to several factors. But affiliate marketing is growing as many young people have started embracing the online lifestyle. The truth is that you can still pioneer several aspects of affiliate marketing by using new methods.

The only difference is that all products on the website has a link to original sites that owns the products. So, just like online store, you can build a fully affiliate shop and make more money from affiliate sales commission.

Once the customer clicks on the “Buy Button” on your website, they will be redirected to the original merchant’s site or even directly to the payment platform. You will earn commission for your effort and the earning may be recurring thereby making you more money.

Why you must act!

Again this is a hot idea for making money online in Nigeria. A typical example is cheki, jiji and carsng.

Materials needed

Develop an Entertainment Website/Blog

One of the most patronized niches of all time on the internet is the entertainment niche. Sometimes you may wonder when entertainment news will seize to be popular among young people. Like never before, entertainment remains a well patronized area of human endeavor. Today, many people especially the youth all over the world crave so much about the lives of practitioners in the entertainment industry.

In Nigeria for example, large percentage of internet users visit entertainment and gossip blogs more than other websites or blogs. Therefore, you can also take part and make some cool money providing genuine information based on your perception and what have you.

Many followers of entertainment blogs are interested in celebrities’ gossips, their net worth, their personal affairs and many more.

So, if you think you have enough motivation and talent about entertainment, why not start to blog about it??? you will love it and you will like the money  when it comes.

Entertainment blogs and sites are in many numbers in Nigeria and the population is still growing. Bellanaija, Pulse.Ng and Naij.com are examples of household entertainment blogs.

Keys to success

To be successful with this niche, you will need a cheap domain name, web hosting, compelling entertainment wordpress theme, a subscription form for e-mail list building.

Remember, there is always the possibility of you becoming a household brand when you build your readership base on trust.

The hard truth

This niche is competitive but you can also make it through if you persist. You can make money through Google AdSense, solo advertisement, big company advertising contracts. You can also use it to promote your brand of physical products.

Develop a Blog on General Information

One of the growing trends now in Nigeria is the tendency of doing some household or business works yourself. Now people want to fix their pipes, their taps, motor tyres even interlocking blocks by themselves. It is called ‘Do it yourself (DIY)’.

If you search the internet for certain information on DIYs, you will be overwhelmed about the volume of suggestions you will receive when you type words like ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘where’ etc. This is because people are in need of information about how to doing things themselves. If you position yourself as a genuine source, you will reap the benefit.

Example of information resource blog in Nigeria is InfoGuideNigeria.com, Ogbongeblog.com and more. These sites are popular because they have high number of traffics and web page views daily.

For you to put up information blog, you will need a wordpress free theme with bias for information dissemination, a hosting right and personalized domain name.

Where lies the money??

This kind of blog has the tendency to make you money from Google AdSence, paid advertisement, Government advertisement, solo ads, e-mail list sales, errand services etc. The more knowledge you have in advertising and leveraging, the more is the potential to make money even from other unknown sources.

Build yourself a Soccer Analysis Blog

Do you like football? Can you talk about the game? If yes, just like Goal.com, livescore.net etc, you can also own a soccer analysis blog and make good money from it. There is a lot of money in the game and talking about it is a big deal right now.

Therefore, you can even create a real time football results or analysis just like Livescore.com. Quality match analysis could bring Millions of visitors to your page and this will count for you within a short time. You can make more money from soccer analysis, virtual scores and many more.

Football players are always moving from club to club so, publishing football player transfer news, injury updates, as well as live scores can earn you patronage.

Few websites focused solely on soccer gist in Nigeria. The likes of completesportsnigeria.com, soccerstar are silently making it big online because they virtually don’t have local direct competitors apart from foreign websites.

They make money online through betting affiliate programs, Google AdSense, Direct Ads space sales, advertising contacts and sales of hard copies of their papers.

Don’t sit on the fence anymore. Get inspired and start a soccer analysis website and you will be glad you do. It’s quite simple to start. Simply buy a cheap but super-fast web hosting, install WordPress on it. Use a premium sports theme and you are good to start.

Follow up latest trend in soccer niche, develop your analysis pattern and grow your audience. A word is enough for the wise and remember “the sky can be your starting point” if you take action.

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